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Between the client of the company Legal Business Solutions - LLC Partner S (Moscow) and the State institution of the Arkhangelsk region "Road Agency" Arkhangelskavtodor "state contracts were concluded for the repair of two sections of the highway in the Arkhangelsk region. In the process of performing the work, the Customer repeatedly violated his obligations under the contract: he obstructed the execution of works, did not sign the necessary documents, etc. All this entailed not only the prospect of a significant delay in the execution of works and, as a consequence, huge forfeit, but also the multimillion losses of the client of our company. However, LLC Partner S, acting in good faith and solely for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations, continued to perform the work and did not abandon attempts to establish communication with the Customer. But, when the Customer, ignoring all attempts to restore the progress of work, decided to unilaterally abandon the execution of these state contracts, the Contractor could not accept the prospect of hitting a company with years of experience and established reputation as a reliable company in the register of bad-faith suppliers.

Timely appeal for legal support to Legal Business Solutions helped the company Partner S avoid falling into the register of bad-faith suppliers and exclusion from participation in public procurement.

Taking into account that the case was considered in the territorial Arkhangelsk office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, it was not easy to defend the interests of LLC Partner S. In disputes of this kind, the human factor plays an important role. However, even the benevolence of the supervisory authority to the state customer did not allow him to ignore the strong evidence that our company's lawyers were able to present at the meeting of the FAS commission, thus proving the integrity of LLC Partner S.
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