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Our history


2016 for our company - a year of significant development and acquisition of new clients among the active participants in the public procurement. The number of clients of Legal Business Solutions has replenished with known construction companies and large manufacturers of food, light and textile industries, and with many others.

In 2016, Legal Business Solutions has represented clients at meetings in the Offices of the Antimonopoly service of various cities of Russia.

With the help of our lawyers more than 20 companies have not been included in the register of bad-faith suppliers.

Moreover, we have won the arbitration proceedings against the government customers on the fact of theirs violation of the terms of contracts and the Russian legislation.

With the help of lawyers of Legal Business Solutions arrears of government contracts worth over 100 million rubles were recovered.

In 2016, thanks to the recommendations of business partners, well-known foreign companies and large Russian companies have become our clients, such as the company RICO RUS - Russian subsidiary of Ricoh Group - the world leader in solutions for document management, SPIS S.p.a. company from Babcock & Wilcox SPIG Group - a global provider of engineering cooling systems, All-Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information – the World Data Center and and the company TEXHA Production Association - a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of equipment for the production of meat and poultry with representation in 11 countries.

It should also be noted such important events of 2016 as successful completion of permanent clients of the company big deals with the help of lawyers of our company, such as: the creation of "PangeoIskratel" - together with Pangeo Capital and Slovenian company Iskratel, which will produce equipment for telecom operators, transport and energy sectors in Russia, as well as equipment for public safety and the implementation of technology transfer for the production of equipment for the Russian company Rostelecom.

One of the outstanding achievements of the company's management is the attraction of the managing partner ofLegal Business Solutions Andrew Balagurov as an independent expert of the Committee for Personnel and Remuneration of the Board of Directors of PJSC "FSKEAS".


In 2015, Legal business solutions have focused on solving complex arbitration disputes and protection of interests of suppliers and government contracts performers in FAS and arbitration courts.

We have made great progress on the development of our company's presence in the Russian regions. In 2015, our lawyers have won a lot of debate in the regional offices of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, including Karelia, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Kursk.

Due to the high professionalism of our lawyers FAS rejected public customers solutions about an inclusion in Register of bad-faith suppliers an information about our customers. We have successfully defended the interests of such major companies as JSC "Technoserv", JSC "MOSOBLGIDROPROEKT" (a subsidiary of PJSC "RusHydro").

In 2015, lawyers of Legal Business Solutions won the trials in major disputes with government customers, including PJSC "Rostelecom" in the Krasnodar region.

The complex dispute of our client with one of the world's largest corporations – Samsung Electronics, ended with conclusion of a settlement agreement, both in Russia and in London.


Legal Business Solution accepted a rate on of the supplier’s interests of state contracts in this connection the department of Legal support of tenders was created. Contest of results of tenders in FAS, military purchasing departments, protection of the supplier’s interests in Arbitration Tribunal were added to the list of services. In 2014 massive Arbitration cases on disputes with the state customers with sums in dispute of 100 million and 1,5 billion rubles were carried.

Lawyers of the company were involved on a permanent basis as the experts for various working groups of the Government of the Russian Federation. The managing partner – Balagurov Andrey - was a part of the Working group of Expert council under the Government of the Russian Federation regarding remote sensing of Earth for 2013.He was also included in working group participants of Expert council in case of the Government of the Russian Federation concerning development of innovations in Russia.

The first legal case with personal participation of lawyers of the company out of Russian Federation.Legal Business Solution took part in arbitration in the London commercial arbitration tribunal. The managing partner Andrey Balagurov as the involved expert was subjected to cross-examinationunder the law of the Russian Federation. The best world lawyers from both parties participated in case.

This year pleased our company with appearance of such clients as JSC Rostelecom and Federal State Budgetary Institution Aviamettelekom of Roshydromet - the organization realizing powers on meteorological servicing of civil and experimental aviation.


In 2013the Legal Business Solution specialists were involved in the State Duma of the Russian Federation as the experts. Within this project the managing partner was a part of a working group on enhancement of the legislation in the field of use of technologies of sounding of a terrestrial surface of the State Duma Committee of the Russian Federation on science and high technologies. The managing partner also made the report at a round table in the State Duma which was carried out by the State Duma Committee on science and high technologies.Moreover, the managing partner took part in meeting of the member deputy of the interfactional working group "Aircraft and Astronautics of Russia" with representatives of a space industry of Russia on a subject: "Legal problems of private entrepreneurship in the sphere of space technologies".

First international nominations.Legal Business Solution became the nominee of the prestigious world award the World Finance Legal Awards. Our company was nominated in two categories: the best firm in Russia working in the intellectual property and arbitration procedure fields. Our concept about programmable legal intelligence was chosen as the nominee of the prestigious international award Innovating Justice Awards for innovative ideas in development of legal business.

Full forming of department of bankruptcy.Our company participated in different cases on bankruptcy, including in notable cases in Russia. Further participation in affairs on bankruptcy is included into the current mode.

The second edition of Legal Business Solution Library - the Book "The earth from space is published: legislation, legal regulation and court practice".


Bright events of this year became successfully realized attraction of venture funding for our client, work with the western venture fund and world-class western lawyers, registration of one of the largest transactions on attraction of financing in shooting of Earth from space in Russia.

During this period Legal Business Solution was actively developing international backgrounds. The managing partner of Legal Business Solution for the invitation of the Hague Institute on Internationalization of the Legislation participated in the international forum Innovating Justice Forum. The company entered alliance ofthe leading innovative law companies of the world (Innovating Justice Alliance). We concluded the first direct agreements with foreign law firms in Poland, Brazil, Germany, the USA, Slovenia on the specific.

The first projects for clients of the offshore and foreign companies were realized: company registration on BVI, Belize, Delawer and so forth, work with the best world registrars. Legal Business Solution is worked directly with foreign banks from Latvia, Switzerland and London.


The full-fledged Judicial department was created in 2011 in the Company, also business processes on protection of interests of clients in Arbitration Courtwere developed. Large projects on protection of business reputation and confutation of data, about penalty according to the preliminary contract with the builder, about vindication of real estate objects were realized. Annually the Company conducts more than 100 legal proceedings.

In 2011 the Company resolved for the clients such difficult questions as registration of the transaction with foreign participation for reorganization of business in Russia, support of the conclusion of the purchase and sale agreement of plant in Russia from the Polish citizen for benefit of the foreign company, carrying out the transaction on reorganization of business of the foreign company in Russia – cleaning of business of debts, liquidation of unprofitable companies, a transfer of assets, plant and employees in the cleared company. JSC Gazprombank — Resources became our client.


The managing partner of Legal Business Solution was included in various working groups of the ministries and departments of the Russian Federation which are responsible for shootings of Earth from space, took part in the interdepartmental meeting held by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation on a subject: "A condition and prospects of development of system of space monitoring in system of RSChS".

The first project of legal registration of construction of production "from scratch" was successfully realized: from company registration, the redemption of the parcel of land, acquisition of necessary permissions and licenses, including for production of natural minerals, to construction and commissioning of plant and a introduction to the market, including international, production.

The leading company in the information services market - "Yandex" was among our clients.


Legal Business Solution on television - interview on the First Channel of Business video portal, participation in two telecasts of NTV +, devoted to the legislation on shooting of Earth from space.

By theour partner’s requestLegal Business Solution initiated creation of association of suppliers and users of data of remote sensing of Earth from space under the name "The Earth from Space", the Managing partner became the Chief executive of Association.

The list of our clients was replenished with large corporation - JSC The Gazprom — Space Based Systems.


The additional department of work with commercial real estate had been created the main activity of which became a registration of transactions of a purchase and sale, lease, pledge and so forth. The department of commercial real estate realized large projects: services in maintenance of acquisition of the commercial building and the parcel of land are rendered to privatization of plant in the Moscow region and the business center in Moscow, in Tula region.

The largest projects of this year became: legal maintenance of dispute in Ukraine with a prize for the client in the amount of 1 million US dollars; legal maintenance of construction of plant in Estonia; dispute on damages recovery for violation of contract commitments with obtaining for the client of all amount of losses in England. We jointly operated with the leading consulting companies of the world – Ernst&Young, Baker&McKenzie and others.


For Legal Business Solution 2007 was filled with socially significant events: active work with mass media was conducted, a number of articles were written and comments to various news events in the field of the legislation were provided. Our publications appeared in the Vedomosti newspaper, in the Modern Entrepreneur magazine, in the economic weekly "Kommersant MONEY", in the CNews magazine.

In 2007 Legal Business Solution took part in the "Earth from Space — the Most Effective Solutions" conference within which the managing partner of the Company made the report "Remote sensing of the earth from space in new legal realities". Also, he made reports at conference at the international conference "Space Shooting — at Peak of High Technologies", an annual forum of GIS-association, forum NTs OMZ on the Resource-DK satellite.


Development and support of contracts and agreements becomes the main activity of Legal Business Solution in 2006. Projects on support of large foreign trade deals, including with use of difficult tools were realized: letters of credit, cornet of ATA, bank guarantees and other. The created contractual department became one of the main business units of firm. Our company accompanied more than 3 000 agreements and contracts.

One of the largest and significant projects of 2006 for the company was the project development of the legal act, model act of EurAsEC for remote sensing of a terrestrial surface by request of General Assembly of the Euroasian Economic Commonwealth. The model act was adopted for six member countries of EurAsEC.

And also, with help of our specialists permission to use of radio frequencies for reception station of remote sensing of Earth from space located in Moscow was got for Federal Communications Agency.


This is the year of dynamic development of the Company in the sphere of maintenance of licensing of the companies of high-technology types of activity. The licensing office was created. Licenses for maintaining space, cartographical and hydrometeorological deyatelnost were obtained for our clients.

Besides, in 2005 our Company successfully realized support of a large deal of acquisition of shipbuilding plant in the Moscow region, carries a case in the International Commercial Arbitration Tribunal in case of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation with a sum in dispute of 985 000 US dollars.
The group of authors of the Legal Business Solution under general edition of Andrey Balagurov - the managing partner of firm - published the first book – "Remote sensing of Earth from space: comment of the legislation and law-enforcement practice".


The legal Center "Legal business" reached the level of high trust not only from regular customers, but also from large insurance companies. The company insured professional responsibility of lawyers for 3 000 000 rubles with annual increase of insurance coverage level. Legal Business Solution came to the international level. Work in difficult legal procedures of foreign clients started. The companies from Slovenia, England, Germany, New Zealand began to use our services.

2002 – 2003

We signedour first contracts with the regular customers working in innovative fields of activity – hydrometeorology, shooting of Earth from space, digital cartography.

August, 2002

It is the foundation year of Legal Business Solution. The Company was organized by solid team of business lawyers and lawyers practicing in various branches of law. Due to the high level of competence, persistence and commitment of managing partners the company took a worthy place in the legal consulting market.



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